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With this post, I’m introducing the new recycled item for the next three months. 

This idea came with my realization of a budget, and how food is, most of the time, more important than a new outfit. But I didn’t want to give up on that new-outfit-dance-in-your-room feeling. So I decided to let the creativity flow, opened my closet and looked at items with the potential to be more than just what it seems. 

This is my second pick. 

This Zara dress (if I think about the price and the brand I just smile ‘cause miracles do exist). Me and my friend went in to go buy myself a shirt (a gift from the friend), we bought the shirt but as we were standing at the counter I met this one. We (me and my friend) looked at each other and just new this was one we can’t let go. So I picked a size and went to the fitting room. 

Very short story (because it was an easy decision, I barely put it on knowing that I will be leaving with this) shorter, we ended up at the till. Exchanging the new shirt for this beauty. The price difference between the shirt and this dress was minimal, and we would’ve been dumb if we took the shirt. Because the value of that shirt and this dress was not shown in the difference. 

The fabric is soft, it is cute and just oh so lovely to wear. 

The first look I tried could be worn for summer, fall fashion and winter. Add some pantyhose and you got yourself something warm and wonderful for winter. 

My heart is racing about this outfit. I hope you love it as much as I do and that it sparks some ideas to some recyclable outfits in your closet. 

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// Jacket & Dress: Zara // Sneakers: Converse //