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Being on a budget makes you think twice about a lot of things, like is this chocolate really going to solve all my problems? 

Walking in your favorite clothing store is no more a sweet solitude of retail therapy. You are now bombarded with this gnawing feeling in your gut; questions such as "do I really need this" and reminders like "I still need to eat" are now the thieves to your once tranquil utopia.

The worst thing is the uncertainty of whether or not you are going to regret this and if you are really capable of eating only two-minute noodles for the next two weeks.

These are the kind of ideas that make you exhale, hang up that hanger and leave Zara with your dignity.

I've never heard anybody say they loooove living on a budget, but I've realized it is sorta non-negotiable. So a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

The answer to keeping your wanting fashionista heart to be satisfied on a budget, without her annual shopping spree, is recycling.

There is a reason why it is good for the environment and now also for your bank account. 

Without droppin' a dime you've got a new "old" outfit. 

I wore this dungaree dress from @asseblief_vintage on the blog before. I love it, but being a person that gets bored really quickly I turned to my personal stylist, Pinterest, to get some inspiration for other ways to style it.

I opted for the anyday-good-idea Superga Platforms and a white shirt. Keepin' it classy Interweb. 

This is another dateable outfit, but in comparison to the other outfit, this one has a more casual vibe. Or in date terms, the other outfit is "romantic dinner" and this one is "putt-putt". The great thing about this recycled outfit is that in itself it can be recycled. I’m a lover of shirts, with a "t" in front or not, therefore, I have more than one that this dungaree can be styled with. 

So open your closet, choose an item you want to wear in more than one way, scroll through Pinterest and let your creative freak flag fly. 


Dungaree: Asseblief Vintage // Shirt: Vintage Lover // Sneakers: Superga

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