My bestie and all time favourite person, MIla Guy, recently visited New York. 

When TravelStart has a three day special with return tickets to New York for only R 6000, you have no choice but to be impulsive, spend those savings and buy in faith. 

Since February month is winter season in New York, it was essential that she not only bring me some goodies, but also some winter style tips and trends to use for our upcoming winter.

A complete fashion forecast. 

So here is your winter how-to from Mila Guy.

New York is known for its all-black style because everyone wears black. You would think that this could be boring, but thanks to accessories and almost every color matching with black, there is no shame and definitely, nothing dull about an all-black outfit. 

New York is a slummy and dirty city. It is a fast-paced city where the mundane activity of washing clothes seems to be the least of their worries (there aren't really any washing machines in their homes). It's almost moving so fast, that by the time your clothes dry it will already be out of style. 

New York shouts: 

We wear black becasue we are not tourists here to see a show; because we are, in a sense, with the band. The band is New York, and the colour is black.
— The Cut, New York Magazine

Black is sexy and simplistic. There is, however, nothing wrong with adding a pop of color. Who cares if you look like a tourist, you are in New York!

My packing process usually involves me mixing and matching various outfits until I find the perfect one. This process begins again until I have the number of outfits for the number of days I am going away for.  Since there is a packing limitation of 23kg and we all know winter shoes and jackets weigh more than you think. I did not have this luxury. Therefore a whole new packing venture ensued. 

I packed the basics: 3 colorful dresses, 2 high waisted jeans, and tights. My statement pieces were two winter jackets: navy and black; and 2 scarfs: a mix of brown and black, and black and maroon. I played around with the scarfs and jackets to make my outfits fun and just a lil' more flashy than just plain black. 

In South Arfrica we dress with lighter colors in the winter, like the trusted khaki or pastel jacket as statement pieces.

This winter I will keep it classy in black, but mix it up with colorful accessories and statement pieces like a popping pink jacket to keep the sophisticated-ness with a hint of fun and flirty. 

For more tips on how to dress like a New Yorker, Harper Bazaar got some tips. 

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