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I have a go-to for almost everything in my life. This should not be a surprise because I have been quite open about my love for lists.

  1. GO-TO break up song: Taylor Swift's Speak Now album (yip- I can make happy songs, sad songs too). 
  2. GO-TO series when emotional: Grey's Anatomy.
  3. GO-TO drink for a good time: TEQUILA!
  4. GO-TO dress for a semi-formal event: Blush Pink Shirt Dress. 

Before you think that I have a piece of paper I add another go-to on as my life goes, I don't. Mostly because I probably already lost it. I think every body has a go-to list, they just don't know it yet.

I'll prove it. Think of a situation -like dealing with a break up- then ask yourself what comes to mind that gives you comfort... THAT is your go-to.

My GO-TO for a road trip outfit, picnic vibes or even a movie night is this lovely dungaree. A dungaree in general, be it this one or any other type of dungie, is probably my GO-TO for most things. 

Here is why I love it, why you should buy it and try it. 

It's comfy, casual and cute. DONE. That is all you need. 

Going away for the long weekend? A dungareen is the way to go. Why?

  1. You want to be comfortable because you are going to sit in a car for some time. You want to be able to put your feet on the car seat, curl up and have a nice nap without worrying about flashing someone or about your skinnny's being real skinny and you start to worry about the tingling sensation in your legs.
  2. You want to look casual because...Please, this explains itself. You are going to sit in a car. It might get hot, or cold. You might have five siblings or a lot of friends or too much baggage. The car ride can be uncomfortable. You don't have to be. 
  3. You want to look cute because you don't know where you're going to stop for a quick run to the bathroom. You also don't need a lot of reasons to just want to look cute. I mean, traveling with your boyfriend, traveling with a friend who you hope to add some benefits to, or traveling solo but not planning to stay that way on the trip, is some solid reasons for wanting to look cute. 

So just do it. You won't regret it. 

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Top: Zara // Dungaree: H&M // Sneakers: Superga Sport