FOR THE LOVE OF FALL / by Ansu Visser

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I’m going to warn you from the start that I might seem a little bit in love with myself in this post. But the love is more for this outfit and - hot dang'it - how it makes me feel. #superbadass


This just gives me the tingling feels and the dancing butterflies in my tummy. I just want to get a really low car, drive super slow through my neighborhood, get a grill and swear the whole time. I feel so "FUDGING" gangster. 

I did think about only writing the above mentioned three paragraphs for this post because it explains it all. But the skirt and whole shabam makes me too excited for fall fashion, thrifty finds and too excited to not go on about this outfit.

Fall fashion is very similar to its season. You don't know it's there unless you look at your calendar and realize: "oh it's April, it's autumn time"! That is not my logic. I only realize it when it's far gone and left me all alone in the snipping cold of winter.

Like grocery shopping, I have seasonal shopping; mostly just for winter and summer, because for fall and spring you can mix and match between summer and winter shopping. I see it as summer and winter is black and white: rules and rigid (summer is too hot to wear winter, winter is too cold to even care for summer) whereas spring and fall are grey areas. You don't really know what's going on there, but hey, it's a party and everybody is invited.

Therefore, I've never thought of shopping for my fall closet because it consists of my winter and summer wear smashed together into a layered pile of something. But, I tried to make a point to think of an outfit that will work ONLY for fall.

You would think that I failed because this outfit is something you can wear in summer (leave the jacket) or winter (take the jacket and add some stockings). But adding or leaving something to this outfit takes away the coolness of it. Therefore this ensemble is something you can wear ONLY in the fall!

Whoohooo! Success! I LOVE THE GREY AREA!

This lovely skirt is another thrifty find at the same thrifty affair I found the summer dress I posted about last week. I wish it had a name, but it wasn't a branded vintage store, it was just a thrift fair at Tonic. I would suggest following them on facebook and instagram ( so that you can avoid FOMO. I knew this skirt was a must when I had two other ladies waiting for me to just put it down so that they can pick it up. 

There was a moment where I was calculating my bank account over the amount of food I had left in my fridge over the number of days that were left in the month, that made me think I shouldn't buy it. But seeing how it looked on others (yes I let the ladies try it on, only later to realize that it is like giving someone a piece of the best chocolate and telling them they can never have it) made me get in line and drop the dime.

Let me know what you think of this fall fashion in the comments below :)


Jacket & White Shirt: Zara // Skirt: Thrifty Affair // Sneakers: Superga Sport // Sunglasses: AmiiciVision // Accessories: Lovisa // Clucth: Wear It Again //

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