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I’ve mentioned before where I find my thrifty things. I’ve also mentioned how online shopping was once something I feared but now embrace. Maybe a little too much. 

But this post is calling all "Capetonians"- yes you got the sea and mountains but you got something that makes you special in my books. 

I usually have to shop online and wait a few days for my thrifty buys from @vintagelover. I trust them for cool t-shirts (like this one), cute swimwear and comfy knits. But if you live in Cape Town you are privileged enough to take a drive through to Stellenboch and visit their store Almost Famous. They have all the thrifty things you can find online, you can fit what you like, and you can leave the store not wanting because you have! 


My second favorite vintage store which I mentioned before for their hidden gems and thrifty items you really don’t find anywhere else, is @asseblief_vintage. I can, thankfully, shop at their store at the Neighbourgood market in Braamfontein. Again, you have it lucky because they have a store in Cape Town as well, Algorithm_Archive. Why you have it best is you can shop every day of the week and I have to wait for Saturdays!

I do like their store in Cape Town because not only does it have thrifty clothes but also old school cameras and other thrifty finds! Their clothes I also like, because unlike most vintage stores their finds fit right into my vibe. With the sporty old-school sweaters, jackets, and shirts. It makes them unique from the usual thrifty things you can find in vintage stores. 

So there you go Cape Town. Go and find these thrift stores, even if it’s just for my sake!

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// Shirt: VintageLoverCt // Skirt: Wear It Again // Flip-flops: Edgars // Bag: Dischem //