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This lil' pink jersey of love and everything that is good and right with this world, doesn't need a lot of words. 

Also, because I'm writing this post at a questionable hour of the night.

But I mean, just looking at it you understand why very smart people, millions of years ago, pondered about the meaning of things and making it their life's work to find the perfect one word that describes a million of feelings beautifully. 

Vintage lover is the online shop for the store @almostfamous which I am such a fan of. They have the coolest T-shirts, cutest swimwear and the coziest of vintage jerseys to shop for. 

I believe in love at first sight, mostly with reference to clothes. And my belief proved to be true in falling for this jersey the minute I saw it. With the cold winter weather starting to creep into the chilly autumn nights, there wasn't much convincing to be done for me to buy it. 

"I love it". "I need it". Two reasons behind a lot of what women want and buy. 

There is always a bonus when ordering online with Vintage Lover. You get more than what you ordered. From special packaging that makes you feel like their most valued customer, to "lekker" (a good afrikaans word with no english word to use in order get the same feeling) classic sweets (and I mean classic sweets: Fizzers) to some nice earrings, like the silver ones I'm wearing. They have been what I did not even know I was looking for and my go-to for most of my outfits since I got them.

So thank you to Vintage Lover for finding unique pieces like this jersey and for the extra bits of love. 

Here are some of my picks just to make you curious. (You should be very glad that I'm posting these, because I sort of don't want to show them to anybody because I WANT THEM!)

Do yourself a favor and just scroll through their website.

I'm saying this in advance: You are welcome :)

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Cut The Mustard Pink Jersey.jpg


Jersey: VintageLover // Jeans: Zara // Sneakers: Superga // Clutch: Wear It Again //