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I'm not going to go into my dislike of winter. You know this already if you've read some of my previous posts. I'm rather going to make some lemonade out of these lemons and squeeze the best kinda juice out of it. 

Like New York winter fashion, I love the idea of all black outfits, regardless. It's just the easiest and quickest way to feel slick, chic and sophisticated. But wearing all black outfits every day is not always possible: clothes need to be washed and style needs to be had. 

I've mentioned before how you can spice up this seemingly "boring" look with adding one popping item of color, like a white shirt. But tip number 2 for making all black winter fashion something a little more than just an all-black outfit, is mixing it up with the black color code. 

These panths was not needed but I just knew that I couldn't leave the shop without it otherwise future Ansu standing in front of her closet wondering what to wear, is going to hate me for it. 

It's checkered with a mix of black and white, which makes it fit perfectly into the all black winter fashion as well as adding the extra lil' bit of something to it without trying too hard.

You can take this tip and work it into any season outfit or any colour combo you want to try. The importance of it is to keep in mind when mixing it with other colour combos, that your main colour gets a follow through. The basis of colour (the colour your eye catches first) on which this outfit was built, is obviously black. And then that is why the black of everything else works.

So determine your statement piece's base colour and pull that through into all the other pieces that make up your look.

Get your foundation right, and everything else follows. Like most things in life. 

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Jacket: CottonOn // Panths: YDE // Boots: Mila Guy //